Mobile Network Operators rate CLX Networks the #1 Global A2P SMS Messaging Provider

30 June, 2015

CLX Networks, the leading enterprise cloud communications enabler, was rated highest in the recent report from the Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) on A2P SMS messaging vendor performance.

Focusing on the most important criteria when choosing an A2P messaging provider, the independent report ranked 25 global A2P SMS messaging vendors based on a survey among 179 mobile operators world-wide. The survey was made between April and May 2015 covering both business and technical performance of A2P SMS messaging vendors including customer service, trust, ability to increase revenue, reliability, and local expertise.

Only four tier-1 messaging providers were announced, scoring at least 4 out of 5 points for all of the 30+ KPIs covered. CLX was recognized as the overall leader, scoring highest of all vendors in 20 of the 30+ KPIs covered.

"We are very honored and proud of the results," says Johan Hedberg, CEO of CLX Networks. "A2P SMS Messaging is one of our core services where we help both mobile operators and enterprises to succeed in the marketplace. We continuously work to improve our quality of service and being rated the overall global leader by the global mobile operator community is really a fantastic achievement by our team."

"Choosing the right vendors is extremely important to an Operator's profitability, productivity and reputation. At ROCCO we have been conducting Independent Research for over 2 years. Operators like it because often they want the unbiased reassurance the research brings as to which providers have proven to perform well with other Operators," said Jason Bryan, CEO of ROCCO. "CLX was one of the Tier One providers in this year's A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance report, but as a leader in over half of the Leadership and Performance KPIs in the Research, they were also rated by Operators the highest overall vendor. This is a great achievement considering how competitive this market is."

About CLX Networks (
CLX is a leading provider of cloud-based communication services and solutions to enterprises and mobile operators. CLX's Cloud Communications Platform enables enterprises to seamlessly communicate with customers, employees and connected Things. CLX has an unparalleled lineup of mobile operator relationships globally, including more than 70 mobile operators who have installed its communications platform in their network to support their core services.

About The Roaming Consulting Company (
ROCCO is an international consulting company based in the UK, working with operators and vendors for specific industry research and education and doing projects focused on industry hot topics like LTE, diameter, IPX and roaming regulation. Neutral in its outlook, over 500 mobile operators annually take part in its research on vendor performance and market pricing.

More information on ROCCO's survey and the full report can be found here.