Why Invest

Why Invest

More and more businesses use cloud services and mobile technology to better engage with their customers and improve operational efficiency. They do so because mobile is their customers' preferred way of interacting, and because businesses recognize that competition is increasingly based on superior customer experience.

Sinch offers a cloud-based platform that lets businesses engage with their customers through mobile messaging, voice and video. We reach every person in the world with a mobile phone, in seconds or less. We leverage cloud technologies, operate at scale, and have grown to handle some 25 billion business-critical customer engagements per year.

  • We address a growing, multi-billion USD market.
  • We have track record for growth, both organic and through acquisitions.
  • We have been profitable since our foundation in 2008, with external funds raised only for acquisitions.

Today we serve some of the world's largest and most demanding customers, including 8 of the 10 largest tech companies in the United States.

Our Market

We address a global multi-billion dollar market. Even using the most conservative third-party estimates, the addressable market for enterprise messaging alone is worth USD 12 billion per year. Voice and video is incremental to this figure, and these markets are continuously expanding as businesses discover ever-more ways to leverage mobile technology and drive customer engagement.

A key factor driving growth is the reduction of complexity into simplicity. Simple APIs provide well-defined ways to leverage the underlying capabilities of a comprehensive communications platform in your own application or service. This means that businesses and developers can get started and integrate communications, which are bought as-a-service, into their own products and offerings with minimal effort. This is the premise of CPaaS, or 'Communications Platform as a Service', and is the reason why third-party analysts like Gartner and IDC see 40-50% growth in some of the markets we address.

Trends That Shape Our Future

We have won the trust to handle 25 billion business-critical messages per year for businesses around the world. The use cases are endless; from appointment reminders and boarding cards to one-time passwords and time-critical avalanche alerts.

We see several trends that fuel market growth. The market is seeing an overall shift from voice-based communication to messaging and video, not just within business communications but also in private conversations between people. Younger generations prefer to text, and businesses are capitalizing on this development. Messaging is easier to automate and creates a searchable audit trail of previous interaction. Our platform gives businesses the tools they need to interact on a one-to-one basis, with personalized content, to millions of customers simultaneously. Looking ahead, we see the market expanding as four key trends interact and grow demand:

  • Personalization, since people increasingly expect brands to address them individually;
  • Rich media, where complementing text with images and video yields better returns;
  • Omnichannel, as businesses want to use multiple ways of communicating yet maintain a cohesive customer journey; and,
  • Conversations, since the transition of SMS into RCS and the emergence of chat apps makes it easier for businesses to interact in meaningful two-way dialogue with their customers.

We grow both with the market and through market share gains from competitors. Compared to the competition, several key differentiators make us stand out:

  • Unrivalled international delivery capacity with direct connections to hundreds of mobile networks;
  • Deep telecom prowess as an established supplier of software to mobile operators worldwide;
  • Superior platform scale ensuring class-leading quality in delivery at competitive prices; and,
  • Leading products in Personalized Video Messaging and Voice and Video Calling.

Technological development and rapid digitalization is reshaping how businesses and brands compete to win consumer approval. A recent Gartner survey noted that 80% of organizations now expect to compete mainly based on customer experience, and making use of cloud communications is a key way to win.

Sinch brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement. We are working in a dynamic, high-growth market and our journey has only just begun.